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Use our free claims calculator to find out whether you have a claim, and how much you could be entitled to! All you will need is some brief details of your flight, and we will do all of the work for you.

Once the calculator has established that you may have a claim, you can either download our pack, or request a paper copy, complete and then send this back to us. Our helpful advisers will always be on hand to guide you through the process and make sure that your claim moves along as smoothly and quickly as possible.

We will contact the airlines on your behalf.

Alternatively, you may choose to contact the airlines yourself, please see below our complaint letter templates which you can download and submit. Please follow these helpful steps to make a claim yourself: 

1.Make sure that you have details of your flight, passenger’s name, date of flight, airline, and departure and landing times etc.

2.Check if airline is at fault, this will not be applicable if delay was out of the control of the airline. Read through our FAQ on the point about exceptional circumstances to make sure you can still claim.

3.Download one of our complaint letters below and send this to the airline, with any evidence you may have to support your claim.

4.The airline should respond within 28 working days.

5.If the airline responds with a less than satisfactory response, or if they do not respond to you at all, contact us at Aeroclaim to see how we could help you.